Brookhaven powers referendum

121812 brookhaven 1The city of Brookhaven is hosting a public meeting Monday night to inform residents about the hot local Election Day issue of whether to grant the city powers over redevelopment.

Opponents of the idea argue the initiative would increase the city’s debt, infringe on property rights and divert tax revenue for private development projects.

But supporters say it would promote business growth, increase the city’s tax base and help create jobs.

The redevelopment powers initiative would give city officials the authority to create tax allocation districts to help spur development, possibly along Buford Highway.

In a tax allocation districts, known as TADs, cities may sell bonds to finance development, with the anticipated rise in property values paying off the bonds.

The redevelopment powers forum will feature Ken Bleakly, an Atlanta consultant with experience in public finance, real estate and economic planning.

The forum will be held at Brookhaven City Hall, at 4362 Peachtree Road, from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.