Fulton County to Lil Jon: We mailed your ballot


Rapper Lil Jon made headlines today by flying from Los Angeles to Atlanta to vote, claiming on social media that “…GA NEVA SENT MY BALLOT AFTER NUMEROUS CALLS!!!”

Fulton County officials beg to differ.

County Elections Director Rick Barron said his office mailed an absentee ballot to Lil Jon on Oct. 27 after receiving his application Oct. 24.

“A voter can request an absentee ballot up to six months in advance and we can mail them 45 days in advance. His application came in on the late end of the spectrum,” Barron said via e-mail.

Barron hasn’t a clue whether Lil Jon received the ballot. “We use the U.S. mail and have no tracking mechanisms in place,” he said.

As to whether Lil Jon spoke to anyone in Fulton County Registrations and Elections, Barron said: “My two main absentee ballot people have no recollection of him calling, so I doubt if he did.”