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Braves pay $2.6 million for permits in Cobb

The check, delivered to Cobb County by the Atlanta Braves to pay for permit fees for the team's mixed-use development.

The check, delivered to Cobb County by the Atlanta Braves, to pay for permit fees for the team’s mixed-use development.

Cobb County government received a check for $2.6 million from the Atlanta Braves last week — payment for permits needed for construction of the team’s mixed-use facility that will be built outside of the ballpark.

Both the stadium and a majority of the private development are expected to open in April 2017.

It is the largest permitting check ever received by Cobb County, said Commissioner Bob Ott, who represents the Cumberland area, where the stadium and mixed-use facility will be built.

The permit allows full construction of the development: foundations, vertical construction, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical. It also covers all inspections and certifications for the work, until the county issues a certificate of occupancy.

Ott said the $2.6 million in fees is equal to the annual budget of the county’s Community Development Agency.

The fee was based on an estimated $440 million worth of construction.

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