Fayette commissioner apologizes for public tirade

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David Barlow


Fayette commissioner David Barlow took to his Facebook page this morning to say he’s sorry for comments he made during last week’s commission meeting. At the end of the meeting, commissioners are allowed to say what’s on their mind and Barlow did just that. He blasted Pres. Obama, referred to Democrats as “demoncrats” and vowed to help the Republicans take the White House in 2016, all in the name of Jesus Christ. He also managed to take a swipe at the county’s new district voting system – as well as the incoming commissioner Pota Coston, the first black to ever be elected to the county commission.

“It appears I was attacking Pota and I absolutely was not so I want to remove that appearance,” Barlow told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution this morning.

Here’s a part of Barlow’s mea culpa on Facebook:

My passion for Jesus Christ and saving lives was wrongly portrayed by me this past Thursday evening. During a regular commission meeting, I gave a prepared statement to our local press and during commissioners comments read the statement into the record. I was wrong.
I spoke with Ms. Pota Coston and offered my humble apology to her and asked for her forgiveness, which she graciously gave. Also, I am sending this apology to the other board members to include the local Democratic Party, asking for their forgiveness as well. I truly regret my comments and would like everyone to know that I look forward to working with Pota as we move Fayette County forward.

Barlow plans to issue a more formal apology this afternoon.


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