Arrests continue in downtown Atlanta

Atlanta Police Department Chief George Turner said late Tuesday that the department had made 21 arrests following tonight’s protests actions, and that the number could continue to rise.

The number was continuing to rise as of about an hour ago, and Creative Loafing freelancer John Ruch along with a TV reporter were among those detained.

The AJC’s Greg Bluestein and Christian Boone remain on the scene downtown. Things have thinned considerably and now protestors seem to to be walking more or less single file down the sidewalks.

Some images from the scene earlier:

Some of the earlier arrests stemmed from property damage. Protestors broke a window at Meehan’s Public House on Peachtree Street and at a Wells Fargo Bank branch, they damaged an Atlanta Police Department vehicle and a taxi cab vehicle, and attempted to break a window at the Ellis Hotel on Peachtree, Turner said.

“I believe we are better than what we’re seeing,” Turner said. “Our plans for the rest of the night are to be here and to make sure our city is safe. We will not leave our city unprotected.”

A group of protesters also shut the 75/85 Connector for a time, spurring a handful of arrests.

Turner said most of the protest actions have been peaceful.

“The individuals who are out there now mean this city no good at all,” he said during his press conference at around 11 p.m. “The individuals who really had the desire to be peaceful, they are at home in their bed.”

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