Winter storm: Morning update from GEMA, GDOT



WATCH: GEMA and GDOT prepare for winter weather

Road temperatures remain above freezing in all the metro area, but below freezing in most of North Georgia. Meanwhile, air temperatures are in the 20s in much of the metro area. The freezing line is just south of Peachtree City.

Road temperatures are expected to continue to fall, bottoming out between 8 to 9 a.m. in metro Atlanta and about an hour later in North Georgia, between 9 and 10 a.m. Then, pavement temperatures are expected to rise rapidly as the sun warms the asphalt, reaching the 60s this afternoon. Gusty winds should help evaporate any lingering wet spots on the roads.

There are still no reports of icing on any of the interstates and state routes monitored by Georgia Department of Transportation in metro Atlanta, as of 7: 30 a.m.

“We’ve had some pop up, but they have all been treated,” said GDOT spokeswoman Karlene Barron.

Winter storm warnings and advisories will remain in effect through noon today, according to Will Lanxton, meteorologist for the Georgia Emergency Management Agency.

Precipitation has ended across most of north Georgia, with just light drizzling and mist in some spots. Potential travel impacts include black ice on roads and gusty winds that could bring down ice-laden trees and power lines across portions of North Georgia that experienced significant icing.

GEMA Director Maj. Gen. Jim Butterworth said about 200,000 customers in North Georgia remain without power. About 15 “strike teams” have been out working in 12-hour shifts since Monday morning to clear debris from roads and identify spots on the road that had the potential to ice over.

At a GEMA briefing at 7 a.m., officials said the next few hours will be the most critical for metro Atlanta as they continue to watch for freezing roads and downed trees and power lines.

Staff writer Andria Simmons compiled this report.

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