Crowd grows to catch a glimpse of the president

Crowd gets larger at Manuel's Tavern.  CRAIG SCHNEIDER / AJC

Crowd gets larger at Manuel’s Tavern.

Some people have been waiting for over an hour. There’s about 100 people.

Jane Yates, who lives near Tocco Hills, sat in the front of the crowd.

She was driving from a meeting at Emory when she saw the police presence.

“I’ve been thinking about writing him a letter. You’re undeserving of all this heat. I support you. ”

She’s a psychologist so she had some advice for him.

“Be open to the many, many millions of people who do value you. Take it for courage. ”

Leatrice Sokoloff her husband Harvey recalled that they had brought their children to see President John Kennedy when he was running for office. It’s a fond memory for them half a century later.

“We love Obama. We think he’s a great president,” she said. She’s not expecting to meet him today. A wave would be a thrill.

Beside the couple is Kimberly Naccarato and her twin 9-year-old boys – Luca and David.

She’s hoping to give them a memory of seeing the president. She’s Republican but she sees this as a teaching moment.

“I don’t agree with his politics but I teach My children he’s the president and to respect him. “

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