Obama expected to swing by Manuel’s Tavern

022815 Manuels HS04
At Manuel’s Tavern there is a strong law enforcement presence. The AJC has learned that Obama is expected to stop by the restaurant. There are about 20 police officers and several police cars stationed at the property at noon. The front door to the bar is locked with a sign saying it’s closed for private event. Police can be seen inside the bar. They won’t answer the door. Police have blocked off the parking lots and won’t answer any questions.

Brian Maloof, owner of Manuel’s, said the place will not opened today. “It’s been bought out today,” he said. “It’s for a documentary movie shoot thing.”

Across the street, on North Highland Avenue, Trevia Upshaw is folding laundry at Midtown Cleaners. She’s looking out the front of the place at all the police presence.

“I heard the presidents coming,” she said. “It’s exciting. You can see how they prepare for these things. I’m enjoying this.”

Craig Schneider