Defendant pleads for leniency; says she can’t admit guilt

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Dana Evans, one of the convicted former educators in the Atlanta Public Schools test-cheating scandal, asked the judge for mercy during the sentencing hearing.

“My intentions and words were misconstrued…and I am sorry for that,” said Evans, former principal of Dobbs Elementary School.

Evans, who was convicted of helping students change answers on the state standardized tests, said in a shaking voice that she did not tell teachers to cheat.

“I know you want to hear an admission of guilt, but I can’t do that,” she told Fulton County Superior Court Judge Jerry Baxter.

She said she pushed for achievement not because of former APS Superintendent Beverly Hall’s demands but because she wanted poor kids to achieve.

“I know you have a heart, so I’m asking you to let us go. … I’ve been punished.”

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