I-285 plane crash: NTSB should still be able to figure out exactly what happened

griffin2Below are some statements from NTSB investigator Eric Alleyne at an afternoon news conference:

• “For some unknown reason the plane crashed on I-285. We won’t speculate on what happened.”

•The wreckage would be taken to Griffin and reconstructed, which might take two weeks, with a public report coming in six months to a year.

•  There is no “black box” because the plane is too small. He said he should still be able to figure out exactly what happened. “It is not going to be difficult.” Once it gets the Griffin they will be able to reconstruct it and see what happened.

•  What will he be looking at? There will be a laundry list of items, from “when the maintenance was last done on the aircraft … to the pilot’s experience”


Source: Passengers in I-285 plane crash were headed to Ole Miss graduation

I-285 plane crash: 3 of 4 victims identified

— Steve Visser

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