If you are vacationing close to home, Atlantan, you are not alone

The AJC’s News To Me blog reports the following today:

If you’re too broke or lazy to leave town for summer vacation I’ve got some good news for you.

Atlanta, according to a Wallethub study that seems as reliable as an ’86 Yugo, is the No. 2 city in the U.S. to enjoy a “staycation.”

No. 1 is Orlando, which makes sense since central Florida is home to Mickey Mouse and several trapped whales. I would have picked Washington, D.C., because there’s lots more to do there that is free and educational.

I can live with Atlanta at No. 2 because I live here and support the home team. I actually paid to watch the Braves play what they called “professional baseball” in the late ’80s.

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