5 things to know: What’s in a hot dog? Apparently, human DNA

JANUARY 25, 2013-SUWANEE: Chris Schutte plates a hotdog on a bun steamed by his latest product in the kitchen of his Suwanee home on Friday Jan. 25th, 2013. When he lost his job a second time, he decided to scratch a long standing itch and become an entrepreneur. His idea: a kitchen cooking device he'd conceived called the Hot Dog Bun EZ Steamer - a contraption made out of wire that you stick in a pot and perfectly steams the bun while cooking the dog. Before he knew it, his crazy idea seemed to be taking off. But sales fell short. One low point found him taking back tens of thousands of Steamies from QVC when it couldn't sell them. Schutte hasn't given up. But he knows the time to make his dream come true may be coming to an end. PHIL SKINNER / PSKINNER@AJC.COM editor's note: CQ


Five things to know Monday, October 26:

1. A new report claims your hot dog or veggie dog might have an unintended “special ingredient” – human DNA. [Find out what that means here]

2. Wondering what coach Dan Quinn had to say about the Falcons win over the Titans on Sunday? [Read D. Orlando Ledbetter’s blog here]

3. It was the play STILL being talked about: Georgia Tech’s stunning touchdown return. [Read Ken Sugiura’s blog on the story behind the play]

4. Tragedy at the Oklahoma State homecoming parade leads to second degree murder charges. [Read more on this story here]

5. Grab your umbrella. You’ll need it sometime today. [Get your full Atlanta weather forecast here]