7 scarily delicious desserts you can make with leftover Halloween candy

Don’t toss out that candy! LUKE JONES / CC BY 2.0

Americans are expected to spend more than $2 billion this year on Halloween candy. Odds are, you or your kids will have candy lingering long after Oct. 31.

You could give your leftover sweets to friends and co-workers, or you can give new life to your stash with these treats:

1. Candy corn biscotti: How about this twist on a traditional Italian recipe? [Get the recipe]

2. Milky Way Brownies: They’re rich, dense and scream “Eat me!” [Get the recipe]

3. Chewy Butterfinger cookies: These goodies are easy to make and oozing with Butterfinger-y goodness. [Get the recipe]

4. Jolly Rancher suckers: Bet you can eat just one of these colorful treats. [Get the recipe]

5. Fried Mars bat with ice cream: Because why shouldn’t you deep fry a candy bar? [Get the recipe]

6. Kit Kat-filled angel food cake: There’s nothing angelic about this sinfully delicious dish. [Get the recipe]

7. Frozen Snickers pie: The cool factor is in full effect with this no-bake dessert. [Get the recipe]

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