There are about 480 other things WHO says might cause cancer

Ethanol in alcoholic drinks is on the World Health Organization's list of carcinogens.

Ethanol in alcoholic drinks is on the World Health Organization’s list of carcinogens.

The cancer research portion of the World Health Organization made headlines this week when it added processed meats, including bacon and hot dogs, to its list of things that might give you cancer.

WHO has been studying cancer-causing agents for 45 years, and its list numbers in the hundreds.

The group of 120 agents that have shown the greatest risk of causing cancer includes ethanol from alcoholic drinks, coal, hormonal contraceptives and tobacco.

The next group, which has 75 agents, shows “limited evidence of carcinogenicity in humans, sufficient evidence of carcinogenicity in experimental animals,” according to the Washington Post. Red meat falls in this group.

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